The Malanthrope is a HQ with 9 wounds, meaning it cannot be targeted unless its the closest model. Am i understanding this correctly?. Monstrous Tyranid psyker; Uses the power of the Hive Mind to slay the foe and bolster friendly units; Venomous, making it surprisingly dangerous in combat. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. A complete multi-part resin model measuring approximately mm/5 inches high. Rules. Rules for using this.

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You also make 10 additional To Hit rolls with the Bio-Flail. Vote Up 0 Vote Down. Has points cost been released yet?

June 28, 1: Ads by Project Wonderful! So I don’t think it’ll perform horribly lacking a “stomp” equivalent — but it probably could’ve done with it.

Views Read Edit View history. A Malanthrope is an odd creature created by the hive mind to collect specific DNA strands and is found lurking around war torn battlefields.

Harpy – Harridan – Hive Crone. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Heirodules continue to be shitty at shooting, and unlike most other titanic units they get no “make more attacks but weaker” option, which hurts a lot on the Scythed Heirodule.

You double the damage value against targets with the Titanic or Rukes keyword. Yeah, if all it gives the benefit to is monsters and other big stuff I could live with it as priced. I am a potato. So it would only work on units consisting of a single model? June 28, 9: So two is one pair? It is only 90 points unless I’m missing rlues and being a character AND affecting all unit types, not just Infantry… I think it’s already quite strong even if it only affects models.


Something similar is the Ork Kustom Force Field, it got updated in the FAQ where the entire unit had to be in the 9″ bubble to get the save. It has feeder tendrils and is about twice the size of the Zoanthropeanother creature it closely resembles. The scythed does get a anti-horde flamer pistol at least, and I believe?

Malanthrope – 1d4chan

I was talking about the Malanthrope one. June 27, The Malanthrope buff works on your monsters! This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k. They’re pretty good is what I’m saying. If it functions they way they intended, it’s probably pts not 90 and works on units, rather than models.

Meet-up for games X-post. Annoyingly, both the buff from the Malanthropes and the buff from the Dules are both called Shrouding Spores but they’re worded very differently.


Your opponent must subtract 1 from hit rolls for ranged weapons that target Hive Fleet Infantry units within 3″ of any friendly Hive Fleet Venomthropes” Please point out where it mentions individual models: If it malanthropd affect units, it wouldn’t it be broken?

Not the way it worked in 7th. He seems really good, but isn’t cheaper? Submit a new link.

This subreddit for anything and everything related to Warhammer 40k Rules Be respectful DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. Not even a Dam 3 or something to compensate? But the Harridan and the Barbed Hierodule only have one pair, but it says twoarglbarlgalgerl.


But affecting whole squads of infantry while being untargetable is absurdly good. Want mwlanthrope add to the discussion? June 28, 5: The Malanthrope is a large serpent-like creature that looks similar to a Lictor.

Shrouded and Stealth were “if one model in the unit has it, all models in the unit have it”. Also why does it need to be fixed? Does the shrouding spores include the malanthrope itselft?

That’s why it mentions Models and not Units. Was S10 really too much? How many attack rolls do I make if I elect to: Page 17 — Malanthrope, Shrouding Spores Change the first sentence of this ability to read: Rarely seen, the Malanthrope follows behind a Tyranid attack, appearing even after Rippers.

The barbed getting literally just a 48″ Heavy 6 12 total version of a hive amlanthrope impaler for almost 10 times the cost, while still only hitting on 4s…sad.

Forgeworld – Tyranids – 3++

Gargoyle – Genestealer – Hormagaunt – Ripper – Termagaunt. Retrieved from ” https: Stonecrusher rulex with two Wrecker Claws 18 and Tresher Scythe 7 costs points. Your attacks are otherwise as normal. Shouldn’t the Scythed Hierodule have four? Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.