I played the U.K. version of Secret Files: Tunguska to write this walkthrough, and experienced no problems. Unfortunately, this will not be the case for. Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough. Secret Files: Tunguska (PC) Guide by Grawl grawler (@t) gmail (d0t) com 05/20/ For Secret Files: Tunguska on the Wii, FAQ/Walkthrough by THayes.

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Tunguska is an inventory based third person adventure. It features amazing graphics, a gripping story, and McGyver-like puzzles. Tips I played the U.

Tunguska to write this walkthrough, and experienced no problems. Kokplettlsung, this will not be the case for players of the North American version, who apparently cannot complete the game without a patch a certain puzzle in the middle of the game is unsolvable.

To remedy this situation, Google for the version 1.

Several sites are hosting it. But beware, for it’s a monstrous MB download! To examine any item that exhibits an ‘eye’ icon, just right-click on it to receive a description. Likewise, items that you can interact with or combine will exhibit a ‘hand’ icon.

If you don’t like hunting for miniscule hotspots, then the designers had you in mind. Either hold down the space bar or use the magnifying glass icon in the inventory to see all items that you can interact with, and all room exits, highlighted! As this is an inventory based adventure, remember to try every object on every other object when you get stuck.

Sometimes even the most unlikely objects will work together. Throughout the course of the game, be sure to keep a close eye on Nina’s journal. It documents what has been happening to her, and you can even use it to get spoilers for the few non-inventory abstract puzzles.

Conventions The game capitalises the first word of objects, and puts the rest in lower case. While this works fine in the context of the game, it’s difficult to distinguish objects this way in a walkthrough, so I took the liberty of capitalising each word, thus: Whenever an important object appears in your inventory or a scene for the first time, I put an invisible marker for it there in the walkthrough.

Then, later on when you need to use this object, I provide a link back to where you were supposed to have obtained it. That way, you can just nick into the walkthrough and read small excerpts of it when you are genuinely stuck, without having to spoil your whole game by reading the walkthrough from the very start, scanning for a particular object. Berlin, Museum After the intro, Nina arrives at the museum to find her father missing, and his office ransacked.

You start off with just a Key Ring in your inventory. Have a look around, and examine everything that exhibits an ‘eye’ icon. You need to pick up three items: Nina automatically puts the Photo in her diary.

You can also have a look at the coin showcase, but nothing you can do with this yet.


Secret Files: Tunguska walkthrough by Bert Jamin

Use the telephone kompplettlsung call the police. Not much joy there. Now exit to the hallway. You notice loud music coming from the office to the left, but the door is locked and the person inside can’t hear you knocking due to the music.

Note the name on the nameplate to the right of the door: While you’re here, take a Piece Of Plant from the potted plant. Exit to the right now to enter the display area of the museum. Go to the rear area, and examine the base of the tyrannosaurus rex display statue to reveal a secret door. When you open this door, out pops a rather frightened Eddy, the caretaker. Once he’s left, take the Key from the floor of his hiding place.

Secret Files: Tunguska – Walkthrough

Go back up the stairs, and use the Key on the fuse box across from Max’s office. The fuses inside the box are numbered, and you have no idea which number corresponds to Max’s office. Go back downstairs, and have a look at the list on the wall all the way to the left. Max is in office number 4. Now you can go back to the fuse box and kill his power. He opens the door to let Nina in. Funguska to him on all available topics, and then you wind up komplettleung his office.

Return to your father’s office, only to find the very unpleasant Detective Kanski there. Strange, the police didn’t seem all that interested when you called earlier, so why the sudden turnabout? After a brief and fruitless conversation, he basically turfs you out onto the street where you meet Max once again and promise to touch base later. Use Nina’s motorcycle to head back to her father’s house. It’s been ransacked too, and Nina gets a nasty surprise upon entering the bedroom Berlin, Vladamir’s house Take the Book kompplettlsung the closet drawer that has been left on the bed by the intruders.

Examine it tungusoa inventory, and it turns out not to be a book at all, but rather a locked Book Casket small komplettlsung. Have a look at the fish tank on the right-hand side of the room. Nina spots a key in there, but she can’t reach it through the grating at the top of the tank.

We’ll have to find another way to retrieve the key. Lift up the bottom left corner of the carpet to reveal tnuguska gap in the floorboards. But we need something to pry it open with. Pick up kompletltsung portable cassette player from the floor next to the closet, and examine it in inventory to obtain some Batteries. Now have a look at your father’s desk. Take the Pizza and the Salt Shaker.

You can’t do anything further here for the moment, as the computer requires a password that you don’t have any clues for yet, so exit.

Go outside and rummage around in the garbage bin. You retrieve a Rubber Glove and a Spoke. Also get the Air Pump from tungjska old bike.

Use the bucket under the drainpipe, and you obtain the Handle that falls off it. Also note that the bucket is full of water. While you’re here, use the Key Ring in your inventory on the motorcycle seat to obtain Nina’s Cell Phone and Sunglasses, and get the Double-sided Tape and Glue from the crate in the garage.


Now go back inside. Use the Spoke on the gap in the floorboards to pry it open, and you find a Cassette. Access your father’s desk again, and use the Komplettlssung on the cassette tape recorder to load tunyuska. Then use the recorder to play the tape. Seems like clues to the password for the computer. Back outside then, and note the first and last digits on the number plate of the car: Counting the number of holes in the sewer grate “the entrance to the underworld” yields 16, and a fourth of that is 4.

Finally, “the guardians of my work” probably refers to the 2 saurian statues that guard the museum entrance. So the password is: Access kompletttlsung keyboard of your father’s computer, enter this sequence, and you’re in! Look at the monitor, and Nina sorts through her father’s files until she spots an e-mail that her father sent with the subject “Tunguska”.

Now we have to track down this Oleg person. Head back to the museum next A girl is now asleep on the bench in front of the museum. Talk to her, and you find that her name is Lisa.

Both her bike and her camera are non-functional. It appears that she may have taken a picture of the hooded figures last night, so you really need to get a look at her camera. But she doesn’t trust you enough yet. You must fix her bike first, and then she’ll let you have a go at her camera. Pick up a Yellow Shard from the ground in front of the construction area to the right. Then take the Flat Tube from Lisa’s bike, and head back to your father’s house.

Examining the Flat Tube in inventory reveals what you need to do in order to repair it. So use the Air Pump on the Flat Tube to inflate it, then immerse it in the bucket under the drainpipe to find the leak. Finally use this rudimentary patch on the tube to get a Patched Tube. Go back to the museum and use the Patched Tube on Lisa’s bike to repair it.

Then speak tungusla Lisa again. She now entrusts you with komplettlsnug Camera. Just use the Batteries on it, and Nina has some more Photos for her diary Give the Camera back to Lisa, and Take it back to your father’s house and use it on the fish tank to obtain another Key. Head for there next. Berlin, Oleg’s house Pick up the Plastic Bag next to the telephone booth.