The Kindly Ones has ratings and reviews. Glenn said: “Please, mein Herr, shoot the children cleanly.”― Jonathan Littell, The Kindly OnesSu. Les Bienveillantes de Jonathan Littell a créé l’événement de la rentrée littéraire Selon l’auteur, la portée du roman dépasse le seul génocide des Juifs. 78 Myth, Morals, and Metafiction in Jonathan Littell’s Les Bienveillantes [ PM LA and Littell has asked his translators to use in each language the name under.

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The Kindly Ones by Jonathan Littell

Some critics have argued that humanising one of the oppressors creates a form of empathy, if not sympathy. Assigning a star rating to this book is impossible. By eradicating Jews, homosexuals, insane, homeless, communists and handicapped, they were just improving the gene pool. It’s someone else’s responsibility. This enables him to act in the book as a sort of video lithell with a biting voiceover. Cruelty is contagious and civilisation fragile.

In fact by legitimatising greed for reputation and ambition for power, democracy provides a welcoming framework for their development.

Their commanders have difficulties holding back volunteer shooters. Littell said he wanted to focus on the thinking of an executioner and bienveillatnes origins of state murder[5] showing how we can take decisions that lead, or not, to a genocide.

In the Greek trilogy those fierce avengers are placated at the end and renamed the Eumenides, the Kindly Ones, even as Orestes goes scot free.

Jonathan Littell’s extraordinary Holocaust novel asks what it is that turns normal people into mass killers. Nunca te perguntaste nada parecido? An intellectual steeped in philosophy, literature, and classical music, he is also a cold.

As German critics pointed out, Littell is more at home with French cultural references than German ones. Unfortunately, Helene has to be abandoned, because Aue is guilty and condemned and although human, he must be divorced from human comfort.


Their revealing ideological cut and thrust is inspired by a similar debate in Vasily Grossman’s Life and Fate. Indeed, right up until the penultimate chapter, I was halfway enjoying it. What they see is the terror of their own lives in the dystopia they have created. In the preface, Aue assumes a creepy complicity between himself and his readers.

Max Aue, the narrator, is a jurist by trade, a classicist by training and an aesthete by nature. Nach dem Krieg wurden in Deutschland vor allem die eigenen Leidenserfahrungen betont. He then is sent to the Caucasus in when the German Panzer divisions race south towards Grozny and the oilfields, but are halted by Soviet counter-attacks. Hardcoverpages. The paragraphs are long; Aue sounds ridiculous in his supposedly dramatic moments; those improbable coincidences in an otherwise historically-accurate events; unmemorable prose, pretentious declamations and, again, Aue’s fountains of shit and vomit which you can practically smell in every page.

The copious scatological and sexual references may strike some readers as excessive. Das liegt, so darf man sagen, ohne ihm zu nahe zu treten, nicht am Autor, sondern allein an seinem Stoff.

The evil that ordinary men can do

The Kindly Ones is an extraordinary book, but it’s also not without some flaws, and it is sometimes extremely difficult to read because of its subject matter.

After taking sick leave, he is transferred to Otto Ohlendorf’s Einsatzgruppe D only to encounter much hostility from his new SS colleagues, who openly spread rumours of his homosexuality.

In many ways he is a haunted man, and the novel’s last sentence suggests that the Kindly Ones have clung to him all these years. In a moment of amnesiac possession he murders his mother and her lover, subsequently finding himself pursued by a pair of sinister avenging detectives The Kindly Ones of the title are the Eumenides, the propitiatory term for the Greek Furies.


After the book was translated into German, there was widespread debate in Germany, [26] llttell which Littell was accused of being “a pornographer of violence.

This justification is also irrational and frequently just as cruel. The English translation of les Bienveillantes is a travesti. The protagonist would tell you that everything that happened in WWII was caused by human beings, not monsters or genetic mutants.

View all 28 comments. How exactly to you attempt to explore the depths of Nazi Germany without feeling dark, abused, and sick afterwards? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He hints of an incestuous love, which we learn later was for his bienvelllantes sister. My difficulty lay in reconciling littlel chilling, dispassionate voice of the narrator with the brutal and horrifying scenes he was witnessing. It starts with the double-entendres the word ‘bienveillant’ means ‘kind’ of course, but it can also denote watchfulness, or paternalism or ‘meaning well’, bienveilllantes on the context when ambiguity is the book’s medium; then it m The English translation of les Bienveillantes is a travesti.

In the last few years, such prizes have occasionally been awarded to immigrant or expatriate writers, but Littell’s case was singular. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Above all, it is a sophisticated exploration of issues of morality, evil and luck.

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