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We face competition from companies developing other or similar technologies. InterDigital opposed that request. In conjunction with our participation in idcc standards bodies, we have filed declarations stating that we have patents that we believe are or may be essential or may become essential to cellular and other wireless standards and that, with respect to our essential patents, we are prepared to grant licenses on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory terms or similar terms consistent with the requirements of the respective standards organizations.

On July 24,the ALJ granted the idc. The target date for the Commission to issue its Final Determination, which was October 28, prior to the federal government shutdown, was extended to November idvc, by operation of the notice issued by the Commission on September 30, tolling all schedules and deadlines during the pendency of the federal government shutdown. Approved stock repurchase programs may not result in a positive return of capital to stockholders.

High-speed packet data delivery in a mobile environment, including enhanced uplink. In some instances, certain of our patent claims could be substantially narrowed or declared invalid, unenforceable, not 172 or not infringed. IHS estimates that just over million LTE handsets were shipped inand they expect that number to triple by source: We have also developed and patented innovative CDMA technology solutions.

Our exposure to foreign currencies may increase as we expand into new markets. On September 4,the defendants requested that the court permit the Nokia and MMO trial to proceed in place of the ZTE trial, scheduled to commence on October 20, There is no guarantee that we will succeed in our pursuit of select patent licensing arrangements or patent sales, and, if we are successful, there is no guarantee that the revenue and cash flow generated through such patent sales or alternative licensing arrangements including trust arrangements will be greater than the revenue and cash flow we would have generated if we had retained and licensed the patents ourselves.

The royalty-bearing license agreement sets forth terms covering the sale by Iccc of 3G, 4G and certain future generation wireless products. On the same day, the court granted the stipulation of dismissal and dismissed the action with prejudice. Our strategy to diversify our patent-based revenue by pursuing alternative patent licensing arrangements and patent sales may not ivcc successful.

Our efforts are guided by our vision of the future of mobile communications – The Living Network SM – which is articulated around the variables of content, context and connectivity, and how the interplay of these elements drives future technology capabilities and needs. The complaints seek permanent injunctions and compensatory damages in an amount to be determined, as well as enhanced damages based on willful infringement, and recovery of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs.


In doing so, the Commission determined certain issues and identified others that would be subject to further proceedings by the ALJ. On October 16,the Guangdong Province High Court issued a ruling affirming the ruling of the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in the second proceeding, and on October 21,the Guangdong Province High Court issued a ruling affirming the ruling of the Shenzhen Intermediate People’s Court in the first proceeding.

Perceptual Pre-Filter and other video technologies that enhance the streaming of high quality content while reducing bandwidth requirements.

It can be difficult for us to verify royalty amounts owed to us under our licensing agreements, and this may cause us to lose potential revenue. The Pegatron arbitration award confirmed that, to the extent that Pegatron manufactures Licensed Products for Apple that are not licensed under our patent license agreement with Apple the ” Apple PLA”those products are covered by the Pegatron PLA and are royalty bearing under that agreement. Royalty rates, or other terms, under our patent license agreements could be subject to determination through arbitration or other third party adjudications or regulatory proceedings, and arbitrators or other third party adjudicators or regulators could determine that our patent royalty rates should be at levels lower than our agreed or historical rates.


In the field of machine-to-machine M2M applications and IoT, we are developing technologies to enable seamless interconnection for multiple access types cellular, WLAN, WPAN and M2M service frameworks that can be managed by an operator and leveraged by a diverse set of vertical applications.

On March 21,pursuant 17022 stipulation, the Delaware District Court granted InterDigital leave to file an amended complaint against Huawei and ZTE, respectively, to assert allegations of infringement of the ‘ patent.

We are positioning some of our current development projects for the evolving advanced digital wireless markets. To manufacture, have made, sell, offer to sell or use such products on a non-infringing basis, a manufacturer or other entity doing so iddc first obtain a license from the holder of essential patent rights. The foregoing factors are difficult to forecast and could adversely affect both our quarterly and idccc operating results and financial condition.

Many of our license agreements have fixed terms.

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Potential changes to certain U. Technology Research and Development. Any action we take to protect our intellectual property rights could be costly and could require significant amounts of time by key members of executive management and other personnel. Our technology development activities may experience delays, or the markets for our technology solutions may fail to materialize to the extent or at the rate we expect, each of which could reduce our opportunities for technology sales and licensing.


Recent global economic conditions have resulted in ixcc actual or perceived 1720 or financial difficulties of many financial institutions. The court issued formal judgment to this effect on October 29, We are always happy to assist you. Our industry is subject to rapid technological change, idc and shifting market opportunities.

Fahrzeugdaten zentral gesteuert werden. On October 11,the Delaware District Court granted the defendants’ motion to stay. An arbitration hearing was held on January We earn a significant amount of our revenues from a limited number of licensees or customers, and we expect that a significant portion of our revenues will continue to come from a limited number of licensees or customers for the foreseeable future.

InterDigital believes that the decisions in the first and second proceedings are seriously flawed both legally and factually. Any mismanagement of, or negative development in, a number of areas, including, among others, the perceived value of our intellectual odcc portfolio, our ability to convince customers of the value of our engineering services and our reputation for performance under our service contracts, could cause our revenues from engineering services to decline, damage our reputation and harm our ability to attract future licensees, which would in turn harm our operating results.

In the past, stockholders have instituted securities class action litigation following periods of market volatility. This complaint alleges that InterDigital has a dominant market position in China and the United States in the market for the licensing of essential patents owned by InterDigital, and abused its dominant market position in violation of the Chinese Anti-Monopoly Law by engaging ircc allegedly unlawful practices, including excessively high pricing, tying, discriminatory treatment, and imposing unreasonable trading conditions.

Future sales or other dilution of our equity could depress the market price of our common stock. Our plans to broaden our patent-based revenue sources through enhanced intellectual property sourcing, joint ventures, and developing technology in new areas may not be successful and could materially adversely affect our long-term business, financial condition and operating results.

If we are unable to implement one or more of these alternatives, we may not be able to meet our payment obligations under the Notes, and this default could cause us to be in default on any other future outstanding indebtedness.

More than patents and patent applications were transferred to the Signal 170, focusing primarily on 3G 17002 LTE technologies and developed by InterDigital’s engineers and researchers over more than a idccc.

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