Hilarious and high energy, Freak is Leguizamo’s Emmy winning semi-falsified, one-man stand-up performance. Alternately funny, raunchy and poignant, FREAK . January 31 1. FILM: John Leguizamo, Freak: A Semi-Demi-Quasi-Pseudo Autobiography (view in class) 2. READ: Juan Gonzalez, Harvest of. Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez is the Producer and Editor of John Leguizamo’s graphic novel Freak. He worked with an amazing team of artists to create FREAK, .

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I can relative to this the way that my dad shows his love for me.

May 4, at 3: But some of the stories are funny, and it’s guarateed to depress! Not everything was negative. Males are taught not to cry and to work hard with their hands and females are taught to be caring and nurturing. Troy Stevenson rated it liked it Mar 31, He is uncomfortable with his wife getting educated- he does not like being undermined by her when she uses words he cannot understand.

I can surely relate to this because having a younger brother my mother does the same thing with him. These signify a girl or boy leguizqmo into a man or woman, coming of age and being an adult. Apr 12, Marcia marked it as to-read. John Leguizamo’s semi-falsified, one-man stand-up performance as Nov 16, Fatimah rated it it was amazing.


February 6, at 2: Totally blew my mind. Preview — Freak by John Leguizamo. John Leguizamo recreated his solo act in this filmed production and was nominated for the Tony Award for the Best Actor. John felt forced by his father to have sex with this woman in order to become a man.

Freak (film) – Wikipedia

The intensity and heartbreak of a painful childhood are at the core of this work. It is a shame that gender roles are so prominent and immutable.

Characters such as his overly masculine father and his homosexual uncle had shaped John Leguizamo to the person he had become. In his performance, he portrayed his life through comedy and humor and his significant rites of passages.

February leguizmao, at 3: To watch his standup after reading this makes him even more of a jhn genius! Him being an outcast because of his ethnicity can be seen in many areas of the show.

Freak by John Leguizamo

Marshall Porter rated it it was ok Jul 17, An aspiring freakk disappointed by her treatment in the movie industry turns to phone sex to make a living. His notion that he should be macho, powerful, dominant, and sexual are some of the freqk characteristics of a stereotypical Latino male. He swears at them, yells at them, and beats them when they do something wrong. Jennie Dustin rated it liked it Jun 22, In the discussion we talked about his uncle who was gay.


The relationship between the title of the freao and the masculinities that Leguizamo exhibits is not as complex as one would imagine. Jason Yelvington rated it really liked it May 23, Jojn characteristics his father personified were: He did a very insightful job depicting his life and significant rites of passages that he had undergone. Leguizamo mentions that his father enjoyed drinking, and would become somewhat of a sap when under the influence.

2. John Leguizamo’s Freak

February 2, at 3: There were a few key things that stood out to me. This use of comedy combined with story telling made it extremely easier to tell, while at the same time gaining positive reactions from its listeners because of the consistent use of comedy and stage play.

Fausto shows affection towards his sons only when he is under the influence of alcohol. The way that he hid them just made his views of masculinity more visible.

February 1, at