This book originated from a series of papers which were published in “Die Naturwissenschaften” in Its division into three parts is the reflection of a . It is suggested that the concept of a hypercycle should be formally M. Eigen. Naturwissenschaften, 58 (), p. Eigen et al., “more RNA in replicators”. BOTH. FIRST more replicators: ecosystem based solution. Hypercycles (Eigen’s original solution). Emergence of higher levels of.

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For effective competition, the different hypercycles should be placed in separate compartments.

Hypercycle (chemistry) – Wikipedia

eige The sequence I i provides the matrix to reproduce itself and a matrix to build the protein E i. In this way, the existence of similar sequences I originating from the same quasispecies population promotes the creation of the linkage between molecules I and I.

This led to the formulation of a more complex model of a hypercycle with translation. Schuster consider hypercycles as predecessors of protocells primitive unicellular biological organisms [1].

It was also emphasized that a hypercycle size of up to four is too small to maintain the amount of information sufficient to cross the information threshold. Unfortunately, in this case, rotation decelerates as the number of hypercycle members increases, meaning that selection tends toward decreasing the amount of information stored in the hypercycle.

In eiven with Eigen and Schuster’s principal analysis, they argued that systems with five or more species exhibit limited and unstable cyclic behaviour, because some species can die out due to stochastic events and break the positive feedback loop that sustains the hypercycle.


The hypercycle. A principle of natural self-organization. Part A: Emergence of the hypercycle.

From CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science. Advances in Complex Systems. As such, it explained how life on Earth could have begun using only relatively short genetic sequenceswhich in theory were too short to store all essential information.

The extinction bypercycle the hypercycle then follows. Moreover, there is also a problem with adding new information into the system. They would form parasitic branches that use the system for their own replication but do not contribute to the system as hgpercycle whole.

Without the secondary loop eiigen by catalysis, I chains would compete and select against each other instead of cooperating. The hypercycle is a cycle of connected, self-replicating macromolecules.


According to the hypercycle theory, the first primitive polymerase emerged precisely from this population. Pages with timeline metadata.

Shortly after Eigen and Schuster published their main work regarding hypercycles, [2] John Maynard Smith raised an objection that the catalytic support for the replication given to other molecules is altruistic. Apart from a substantial contribution of the above experiments to the research on the ekgen of life, they have not proven the existence of hypercycles experimentally. Numerical simulations showed that when stochastic effects are taken into account, compartmentalization is sufficient to integrate information dispersed in competitive replicators without the need for hypercycle organization.

Origins of Life and Hy;ercycle of the Biosphere.

Journal of Mathematical Biology. In addition, the mentioned macromolecules cooperate to provide primitive translation abilities, so the information, coded in RNA-sequences, is translated into enzymes, analogously to the usual translation processes in biological objects.


Compartments and Spatial Self-organization”. Spiral Waves as a Substrate for Prebiotic Evolution”. Ribozymes potentially serving as templates and catalysers of replication can be considered components of quasispecies that can self-organize into a hypercycle without the need to invent a translation process. The hypercycle model is a particular class of self-replicative reaction networks and can be characterized by topological methods.

This problem is known as the error threshold problem.

Hypercycle – CreationWiki, the encyclopedia of creation science

Both conditions seem very improbable; therefore, the existence of coupled hypercycles is assumed impossible in practice. It is assumed that the kinetics of nucleotide synthesis follows a Michaelis—Menten-type reaction scheme in which the concentration of complexes cannot be neglected. One of the harshest criticism of the hypercycles scheme that is raised by biologists, including evolutionists, is the possibility or even the inevitability of mutants arise at any step of this process.

Journal of Differential Equations. Journal of Systems Chemistry. Experimental demonstration that ribozymes can form collectively autocatalytic sets [15]. After formation, a hypercycle reaches either an internal equilibrium or a state with oscillating concentrations of each type of chain Ibut with the total concentration of all chains remaining constant.

In the case of a hypercycle, we can speak of one-for-ever selection, which is responsible for the existence of a unique translation code and a particular chirality.

Another experiment performed by Hannes Mutschler et al.