Publicaciones para preparar los exámenes DELE. Preparación al diploma de Español. C1. Libro + CD, Editorial Edelsa. Grupo Didascalia S. A., ISBN. preparacion dele c1 edelsa pdf. El centro ofrece, a lo largo de todo el año, cursos y programas variados de enseñanza y perfeccionamiento de hasta nueve. dele c1 edelsa claves pdf. Un libro (del latÃ-n liber, libri) es una obra impresa, manuscrita o pintada en una serie de hojas de papel, pergamino, vitela u otro.

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Nay, this overachiever wanted to prove she knew enough Spanish to have a piece of paper proclaiming it. The exams are supervised by The Instituto Cervantes, a renowned study center from which you can request a free brochure.

The May examination date rolled around, and between Holy Week, Feria, and visits from not one but four friends…well, I forgot to sign up. My exam is in ten days. To help get you started, you can ask for an informational guide from the Instituto Cervantes.

It also has a better description of what to expect from each section in the exam. This is an umbrella term, as it refers to the basic competencies a language learning should have in his desired language. Before going out and buying your prep books, take the shortened version of the vele, available on the Instituto Cervantes Spanish page click here. I took it once before studying hardcore and scored a C1.

Do’s and Don’ts: How to Prepare for the DELE Spanish Exam

Sure, it was nice sitting outside on a balmy May morning, but the quarterly chimes on the nearby Mezquita made me nervous and more time-conscious than usual. And trying to study on the AVE high-speed train? Mine beeps constantly, so I put it in a different cele. Did I care cramming one weekend when I had nothing better to do?

I knew I could study for the majority of the test on my own, but considered hiring a Spanish teacher to help me with the writing and speaking part of the exam. In addition, the Instituto Cervantes also offers online consultations, practice exams and prep courses. Collective sigh of relief, verdad? So, you look at the three choices. A intervenir, B interrumpir, C cooperar. There were eight of those in a 60 minute test that also included text completion and error detection. Instead, I would focus more on knowing prepositions, por v.

No los estudies, ni a tiros!! The writing section is a large part of the DELE, consisting of two parts: Then I had work to do. En fin, I wasted a lot of days where I could have been working through problems and writing prompts and instead had to cram last weekend and edesa consume any beer. I realize I live in Spain and have ample opportunities to speak and listen to Spanish, but I have been utilizing all kinds of tools to amplify my vocabulary — even my smart phone! Read about my experience taking the DELE here.

Have you ever tried speaking Spanish? What types and tricks have you got to share? As a beef-loving Chicago girl living amongst pigs, bullfighters, and a whole lotta canis, Cat Gaa writes about edesa life in Seville, Spain.


When rele cavorting with adorable Spanish grandpas or struggling with Spanish prepositions, she works in higher education at an American university in Madrid and freelances with other publications, like Rough Guides and The Spain Scoop. My school gave me La Tesis de Nancy as a going away present.

I read it while touring Europe and loved it! Thanks for the tips, I need to start studying so I can take it one drle these days! Thanks for writing this! I about to embark on a C2 journey of my own and feeling pumped but overwhelmedso this was super helpful. Thank you for this blog entry! Since the C1 test has changed since that book was published, I ofund that having destrezas integradas or tests that probed a bit more than just reading comprehension, were better.

Which level are you planning to take? Hi, thank you for your reply! I read somewhere that I should only buy the guides that were made after Aprilbecause the exam is different now. What worries me the most is the speaking part, but I got 6 more months till the May exam, and I do live in Nueva York, sdelsa finding native speakers should be a piece of cake…. I am happy to have stumbled across your articles on the DELE d1.

I am supposed to take the C1 test in one month for a job opportunity, but my confidence is dwindling by the day — especially once I read that you passed the oral exam by only 2 points despite thinking it was relatively easy!

I have heard that this test is quite difficult especially the oral sectionsand I am starting to feel the pressure! Anyway, nice job posting some useful information for everyone ddele see. Edels out my other posts, too, and suerte!! Hi Thank you very much for the delicious information: Im so glad to have encountered this site.

I am aimimg for Dee in the end of this november. Could you please recommend me a listening material with transcript and ideally with english translation? I commute 70 minutes and would like to utilize that time. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.!

I would like to take the C1 exam also so it was really helpful. Did you prepare your grammar from a special C1 level book? PS nice pictures you have from Romania. Thanks for the comment. I did a lot of grammar work through the Ultimate Spanish Grammar Review book, which also has a section on idioms, but what helped eselsa the most was doing a lot of speaking and listening.

This way, I could eliminate options that sounded wrong! You might not know its use for now, but points are gonna connect in your life. Who knows what holds for the future. As DELE is a life-long certification, it definitely adds value to your life. Good article, especially on the distinction between Cronometro and Edelsa. It forces the student to focus on the sound of the words, rather than their content — it isolates the phonetic from the semantic. Once previously unused muscles get into edwlsa a minimum of many weeks the accent comes f1 easily.

Soon, the student is distinguishing between and even imitating the accents of a wide variety of speakers — in Spanish. I use the phonetic alphabet a lot in my classes and drill pronunciation, but I should use it! Would you please add up the links for the books and etc so we can follow Muchas gracias.


Celebrating by doing absolutely nothing today. Anyways just wanted to thank you for your posts because they helped me a ton and for answering my questions as they arose the past few months. Hiya … how was your C1 exam? Did you find it easier than you thought it would be? Hola Richard, the hardest part was the speaking. I have been thinking of taking the DELE exam for about a year now and I am finally getting down to business and am planning to take the exam this coming spring.

I took a practice test quickly and scored a B2. Would you agree with this? You said that you received a C1. I am also trying to decide whether I should hire a private tutor or attend classes in an institute and wonder if you can give me any further thoughts on these two options? The DELE exam is definitely a great paper to have, particularly if you live in Spain and need to prove language skills.

I passed the reading and writing with few mistakes, but the speaking was tough! I think you can definitely take the C1 if you get a good book I recommend Cronometro and take the time to study, plus have a friend read your practice essays.

Read tub-1/preparacion-dele-c1-edelsa

Since the exam is about more than grammar, make the ecelsa to listen to podcasts or the news, read current events and be able to talk about them. Hi there, I was wondering which podcasts you would recommend. He acabo de excribir B I took the exam right when smartphones were becoming a thing, so we had to simply surrender them! Thanks for the update! Does any body know how the scores are calculated.

Hi there, my apologies for having to retrieve your comment from spam so late. The scores, as far as I can tell, are weighted evenly, with reading and writing being grouped together. I think Andreas was referring to you saying how you put your phone in another room sele studying because it beeped, lol. Ah I forgot to cc1. I am just a bit of a grammar fan.

They ended up putting me into B1 when I applied to study in EOI, and it was really difficult for me at the beginning but by the end of the course it was easy because I studied very hard. Just a warning for everyone not to choose which of the expensive exams to pay for based solely on that, because you might be like me. Good luck with your studies! Estoy agradecida a Ud. Do they stress upon putting information like your address or the subject of the e-mail?

Hi Katey, thanks for reaching out to me. I want to give dele A2. I have been taking classes since 2 months and the exam eddelsa after 2 months.