The Tenants: A Novel (FSG Classics) [Bernard Malamud, Aleksandar Hemon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With a new introduction by. In commemoration of the centenary of Bernard Malamud’s birth (April 26, ), FSG’s Work in Progress will be celebrating this icon of. Complete summary of Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Tenants.

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I get the feeling that maybe this was a very personal story for the author. The Tenants by Bernard Malamud.

The Tenants (novel) – Wikipedia

But none of my previous knowledge about Malamud’s work prepared me for this edgy and disturbing masterpiece. Bernard Malamud’s The Tenants, published inis the fraught story of the novelist Harry Lesser, last remaining tenant of a dilapidated New York apartment building.

This story is uncomfortable, nail-bitingly suspenseful, unsettling, disturbing, and at times offensive–all of the things a good book should be–but you will come away from it with a sense of wonder and terror about what human beings driven by love and the burning desire to create art are capable of. Thirdly, there are sections where one word is repeated over and over again.

Then he hears the sound of a typewriter and soon discovers that it belongs to Willie Spearmint who eventually adopts Bill Spear as a nom de plume who has taken over one of the abandoned apartments as his writing space.

When Willie and Harry’s relationship progresses, Willie brings Harry into his circle of friends. They are an unsavory crew that only bolsters the racial tension of NYC in the 60s.

We watch what happens. The landlord offers Harry Lesser, a Jewish novelist increasing amounts of money to leave he’s the tneants tenantbut he refuses to do so until he finishes his third novel which he has spent ten years on and thinks the disturbance would ruin it.


I felt an absence of closure for some secondary plots but for the most part, this was a very gripping piece of work. When Malamud was asked, during an interview, what “set off” the writing of his novel, malamux replied: Willie Spearmint later simply Bill Spear, wink wink writes unceasingly, ideas coming faster than he can transcribe them at times.

Occasional surreal passages of dream bernar poetry, but fairly conventional writing about the process of writing with attendant neurotic hang-ups vis a vis sex, the sexual act, and intellectual consummation. One might argue that it must be this way given the people about which the story is written. What is delivered brrnard a messy mix of assorted topics. I mean, the characters are nothing more yet, sometimes, something more than racial caricatures straight out of a Dave Berg “Lighter Side of View all 4 comments.

The Tenants

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The words are clearly spoken and the speed with which the story is read are fine.

It is amazing and disconcerting to see that this story remains as relevant in as the day it was published. It’s not that I don’t enjoy that kind of story, but The Tenants is just so much more than that.

The time of the novel seems to be set in the final years of the s, “a time of racial strife affecting both the book’s Jewish and black characters. Although it is painfully outdated in certain concepts, the story itself is strong.

The story concerns two tenants, a Jewish man and a black man Though one only pays the rent. The Tenants is the sixth novel of Bernard Malamudpublished in The sole tenant in a rundown tenement, Henry Lesser is struggling to finish a novel, but his solitary pursuit of the sublime grows complicated when Willie Spearmint, a black writer ambivalent toward Jews, moves into the building. There are a few other aspects that date the book, particularly the sex and drug bits yet more!


Sep 04, Jon rated it it was ok. Willie ejemplifica en primera persona esto: I will definitely be seeking out Malamud’s other titles. His message is so important, but he conveys it in such a clear and easy way. However, it wasn’t just because it simply was this in this style that made me dislike the book because I love other books that are both experimental and wider in scope — I just didn’t feel as emotionally invested in thi For context, I have only read “The Assistant” and “The Fixer,” and none of Malamud’s other books.

With a new introduction by Aleksandar Hemon In The TenantsBernard Malamud brought his unerring sense of modern urban life to bear on the conflict between blacks and Jews then inflaming his native Brooklyn. The two pussyfoot around for a while, both of them reluctant malamur speak the truth to Willie because he is too absorbed in his writing and has had little contact with Irene as a result.

Unfortunately, other themes dilute the message!

May 08, Cat rated it it was amazing. Probably was regarded as risky and risque material for a writer his age. De entre esta Publicado en http: Let’s see if it continues thus I am not quite sure. Two things I want to add. I get a sense that maybe his own personal life and writing life were unraveling. Why the four stars for this book that I clearly found offensive?

This makes following the story sometimes confusing.