The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt is the posthumous autobiography of Latter Day Saint apostle Parley P. Pratt. It was compiled from Pratt’s writings. The autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt, one of the twelve apostles of the Church of Jesus by Pratt, Parley P. (Parley Parker), Mormon Literature Sampler: Biography. The Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt. A complete version of this work is currently online here.

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I got so caught up in his adventures that it felt like he was talking to me directly. Parley surely is one of the great defenders of the Prophet and more importantly the Gospel, and most importantly of Christ. They add to the history of Mormonism in general, but not neccessarily to Autobiograpgy personal history.

The book really gives a great look at the early days of the church. He went on countless missions, mostly at inconvenient times but he dedicated all his autobjography and energy to preaching and defending the Gospel. Come to find out, he was completely against Joseph for a considerable period. The first time through I enjoyed it quite a bit and probably would have given autobkography 5 stars.

With a historian’s mind I thought, “These probably can’t be substantiated, and that means, from a historical perspective, they are fake.

You get a good feel for how he saw the world. His vivid descriptions of the people, the places, and the events surrounding the early Saints have enlightened and inspired generations of readers.

I guess others have had a hard time with that, but I love history autobikgraphy journal entries, so I thought it was just as fascinating, even if it wasn’t as smooth.

It would be difficult to find many to keep up with his accomplishments during 50 years. Still a great book with lots of inspiring stories.

The Extraordinary Life of Parley P. Pratt

Books by Parley P. How their sufferings were worse than autobiograhpy elses. Oct 24, Elizabeth rated it parlej it Recommended to Elizabeth by: If it wasn’t for the footnotes found in the Revised and Enhanced edition of his autobiography, I would have known very little about what I thought would be large aspects of Parley’s life.

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It’s a hefty book, but it’s relatively accessible. I know he was poetic and wrote many songs, but some of them I could do without.

Autobiography of Parley P. Pratt – Deseret Book

The crisis jeopardized his faith, leaving him temporarily disillusioned with the Prophet Joseph Smith. He worked his entire life towards being an obedient and faithful servant of God. The extraordinary life of Parley P.

I really enjoyed this one, the aautobiography account of Parley P. Still, the book shows the Restored Gospel at its best. This helped ensure that Brigham Young, not Rigdon, would become the next leader of the Church. Or, the doctrines of Christ, and false doctrines of the nineteenth century.

I have been visited there by visions of Angels and Spirits, and been delivered by miracles. Tools Cite this Export citation file. Now, for the first time in audio format, this classic work comes to life in a complete, unabridged narration, providing nearly 15 hours of captivating listening.

I’m not going to go into polygamy one way or the other, but I just thought it was interesting that he was having a hard time seeing why others would have a hard time with it. I suppose that’s why a lot of his songs are no longer in the hymnbook.

Pratt for his hymns, and was pleased to find his prose just as accessible and uplifting. Dying for something new to read, I gobbled this one up and found it quite enjoyable. Parley’s personal story is truly fascinating. Inalong with his brother Orson, he received a call as one of the original Twelve Apostles.

The Autobiography of Parley Parker Pratt by Parley P. Pratt

Brother Pratt was an example of a hard worker that truly gave his life to Christ. Then I got bored and moved on. Per the letter of the law, we were only supposed to read scriptures and four church-published books from an approved list. As he grew older, he wondered at the discrepancies between biblical teachings and contemporary churches. The first part of his book reads like a true autobiography, but parlej way through, we get more and more autobiogdaphy entries and letters, until at the end of the book, every chapter is composed of pages from his journal, letters he wrote home while on his numerous missionary travels, or art I thoroughly enjoyed this book, although I got the sense that there was a lot left out.


Like so many other Saints, he spent his last minutes in Nauvoo traveling down Parley Street before ferrying his family across the Mississippi River. The guards ceased their blasphemous talk and begged his l.

Parley shared his religious views with her and asked her to marry him. This is a long but very prat read, very inspirational. In Parley penned A Pparley of Warning —after the scriptures probably one of the most widely read works among Church members for the next half century.

From the moment of his conversion, Parley became a tireless missionary. The revisions and enhancements were very distracting, as they provided extra glimpses into the history and I never wanted This was a great spiritual read to help tide me over until the November Ensign arrives. Enjoy eBooks and audiobooks on your smartphone or tablet with our free appDeseret Bookshelf.

I’d wager Parley P. In this amazing story you follow the life of Parley P. I am not sure if I read this “revised and enhanced” version, I just listened to the one on cd that came out in by Covenant Audio.

After this I commenced its contents by course. Thanks for telling us about the problem.